Match Report
Taunton School Boys-U16A (SCA) vs  Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools
On: Saturday, 14 Oct 2023
Venue: Away

A good away victory from a much stronger side than had been available in the past couple of weeks. It took a while for the team to become organised, with some disjointedness apparent in defence, and Monmouth took a 17-10 lead before half time scoring rather too easily from distance. However, once Taunton got the driving game going the game took a different turn and we dominated the second half to lead 32-17 before conceding a somewhat bizarre try with the final play of the game.

Fraser Cox ran strongly in midfield upon his return, Monty Wells was a tower of strength up front, with Maxi and Leo also making notable contributions. Tomisin scored again and proved too hot for the opposition to handle once we belatedly got him into the game.

All in all, a deserved win and indicative of what this group is capable of once enough of them are fit and playing.